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The look that will make you seen

Issue #44 cover story about the emerging trend of fashionable cycling apparel that has built-in LED lighting.

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Ready for anything – When things go wrong

The theme for this issue was “When things go wrong,” so we asked the experts how to prepare for the inevitable.

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Courting disaster

Cyclists and municipal emergency managers put cargo bikes to the test to prepare for The Big One.

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Taking a byte out of bike theft

New technologies are helping to track down the bad guys and find your bike.

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Exclusive: First ride on Chris Currie prototype

It’s not every day that a new suspension design hits the trail. Chris Currie has long been a friend of Dirt Rag and since he lives close by I got an exclusive first look and ride on his prototype mountain bike suspension design.

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Access Action: Portland, we still have a problem

Mountain biking has become a contentious issue here in Portland. I took a look back at how we got here and what the remedy might be.

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Spotlight: Cycles J. Bryant

I’d been seeing this bike all over social media and the owner (and builder) of it was posting some pretty awesome adventures himself. I tracked him down to get the story.

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